Very, very cool

But great story. A little long, but entertaining enough to forgive verbosity.

I have a friend that is a LASIK/LASEK surgeon, and he's been bugging me for years to get it done. I do computer work for him sometimes, and in the past he's offered to do it at cost, just for the supplies he'd need. I guess the friends & family discount plan works both ways...

But like your tormentors, he still wears glasses. It's a bit disconcerting. He jokes that it's because he's the best surgeon around, and he wouldn't trust his eyes to anyone but himself. He says that although he can now do the surgery in the mirror, he hasn't quite gotten it down with one eye closed, as well.

I'm sending him this story....he'll love it.

Oh, and the tracker...It's a pretty cool chunk of technology. He showed me a demo video of it when it came out a while back and he was going to buy one.

They had this simulation doll strapped in a chair. The eye was made out of thermal paper, so you could see what had been hit. They shot the laser at one spot of it for just a second, and it left a small black dot. Then, they locked the tracker onto the paper eye, fired up the laser and started the chair shaking violently and randomly. The doll was bouncing all over the place, and its head was bouncing around in its restraint. You could just make out this little red dot locked onto the eyeball. After 10 or 15 seconds, they stopped it and zoomed in on the eye-paper. You could very clearly make out the company's slogan, etched flawlessly, using the original dot as the period.